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The Office of Notary is an ancient one dating from Roman Times.  In England, Notaries are appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury under Royal Authority.

A Notary (or Notary Public as the office is sometimes known) is concerned with the verification and preparation of documents and information that will be used in other countries throughout the world.  Clients may have business or property overseas, may be involved in litigation in foreign courts, or be involved in adoption proceedings.

The Office of Notary is common to every country of the world and the signature and seal of a notary in one country are accepted in any other country.  This is why documents for use abroad often have to be witnessed or authenticated in some way by a Notary.

Every time a Notary deals with a matter, all the details of that matter have to be recorded in his/her Notarial Register.  This Register may be referred to by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London who may be required to deal with an enquiry from abroad.

Sometimes a notarially certified document has to be “legalised” at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or certificated at an Embassy or Consulate and I can deal with these requirements for you.